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Who We Are

We understand that higher education can have greater societal influence than anything else. We are a group of successful professionals with graduate degrees, whose mission is to inspire others to influence society through the pursuit of higher education. We have worked closely with higher learning institutions for over a decade and have relocated offices to be close to one of the nations best colleges, the University of Washington, to better understand the needs of students.


How We Work

We’re different from any other source for program rankings, because we’re not here to make money – actually, we don’t make any money from our research. We’re fully funded through our Patreon page, and our goal is singular: to help students gain the education they’ll need to change the world. Because we believe education is the first step to achieving big dreams, we’ve created proprietary research and data-analysis methods to find the premier online masters programs. First, we gather statistical and qualitative data from hiring managers, current students, noteworthy alumni, and hundreds of independent program rankings, then objectively analyze the information to create our user-friendly guides.

Why did we focus on online education? We live in a world where excuses are out the door when it comes to getting a graduate degree because: 1. You can get a graduate degree on your own terms. 2. You have the flexibility to juggle life, your current job, and advancing your career at the same time. 3. The world is your oyster – you can attend any online program from anywhere in the world!

Academic Quality (40%)

Academic Metrics Graded on academic quality factors including, but not limited to graduation rate retention rate, enrollment rate, and number of graduates.

Online Programming Number of online programs offered.

Faculty Credentials Instructors with academic credentials that are on par with those of on-campus instructors.

Student Success (40%)

Graduation ReputationPolling & survey of current students and alumni.

Student Engagement Quality of instructor accessibility and responsiveness – helping create a rewarding experience.

Student services and Technology Incorporation of diverse online learning tools and technologies.

Affordability (20%)

Default Loan Rate Percent of students that take out loans and the percent of student with defaulted longs upon graduation.

Average Net Cost Total cost of tuition, textbooks, and other costs required enrollment and graduation.

Research Facts

  • 112K
    Students Helped
  • 30
    Industry Experts
  • 6000
    Programs Analyzed

Since we’ve launched we’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of inquiries from students asking for help and guidance on their next steps towards furthering their education. Contact us to learn more!

Our goal is to help others create both personal and social advancements

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.



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