MBA in International Business Career Guide

What Can I Expect from an Online MBA In International Business Program?

The online MBA in international business focuses on the study of
business concepts as they relate to international business practices.
Large corporations understand the necessity of going global if they want
to compete in the expanding global marketplace. For this reason,
professional students with advanced degrees are needed to help ensure
the success of the corporation. Graduates with an online MBA in
international business are prepared to meet the needs of advancing
technologies and accelerated communications to occupy roles in global
companies of all sizes. The online MBA in international business is
ideal for those currently working both full- and part-time jobs who want
to further their careers. When looking for a program, it’s important to
choose one that fully aligns with your current goals and one that can
accommodate your schedule and your needs.

Concentrations Offered for an Online MBA In International Business Degree

International Business Classes focus on the opportunities, uncertainties and business risks associated with today’s global environment. This includes the study of international business concepts and real-world experiences in a variety of social, political and economic contexts. Business managers, domestic and multinational organization managers
International Finance Coursework exposes professional students to the challenges of international capital markets. Classes also focus on investments and corporate finance, commercial banking, risk management and portfolio diversification in the global market. Investment banker, financial analysts and management analysts
International Supply Chain Management A concentration in supply chain management explores operations from a global perspective. Students gain a deeper understanding of process strategies, logistics, inventory management and supply chain functions. Operations manager, supply chain manager and production manager

Curriculum for an Online MBA In International Business

The MBA in international business is a highly specialized program
that lets you focus solely on issues related to international business.
While the program may vary depending on which online school you choose,
most international business master’s programs focus on topics like
governmental policies, financial services, cross-cultural management and
unique customs and attitudes. Some examples of coursework include:

  • Financial management policy: Focuses on capital markets and corporate finance with an emphasis on risk and return, financing policy and firm valuation
  • Global accounting and financial analysis: Seeks
    to inform students on international accounting and financial techniques.
    It covers how different countries, industries, markets and regulatory
    regimes have an effect on accounting and finance
  • Global marketing management: Teaches the understanding of cultural, financial, geopolitical and international economic issues
  • International business: Gives students an
    understanding of global economic business trends and prepare for
    leadership roles in accounting, financing, management and marketing
  • International trade law: Covers all elements of international trade, negotiation, imports, exports, purchasing, supply chain, sales and e-commerce.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Online MBA In International Business?

The online master’s of business administration in international
business take 18 months to two years of study with the completion of an
average of 30 credit hours. Students with a non-business background may
be required to take additional classes to complete their MBA
prerequisites. Some schools offer an accelerated full-time MBA course
that makes it possible to complete the degree in one year. If you choose
to go to school part-time, it can take up to three or more years to
complete. Some students may opt for a dual concentration, which extends
the program by as much as five years with up to 60 credit hours of

Certifications and Licenses an MBA In International Business For

Certified Business Manager The CBM certification is offered by the Association of Professionals in Business Management. The four-part, 16-hour exam is a master’s-level certification based on the MBA curriculum. It may be earned while you are pursuing your degree or after completion. It provides proof of mastery of business management principles.
Certified Management Consultant Awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants, the Certified Management Consultant certification is awarded to professionals who complete both written and oral examinations in ethics and global standards in consulting.

Accreditation for Online MBA In International Business Degrees

When looking for an online master’s of business administration in
international business degree, it’s important to find a program that is
accredited. Most employers require evidence a potential employee has
received training and education that meets industry standards pertaining
to the degree. Also, for students looking for assistance paying for a
degree, federal financial aid is only available for accredited schools.
For business majors, there are two industry-specific accrediting

  • Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business(AACSB) – ensures programs meet all quality assurance standards
  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Program (ACBSP) – focuses on recognizing teaching excellence, student outcomes and a continuous improvement model.

Employment Outlook for MBA In International Business Graduates

Job Placement: Master’s v. Bachelor’s

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
in 2013, the average salary for those with master’s degrees was
approximately $12,000 more per year. In the field of international
business, some employers require a master’s degree for entry-level
positions, especially those dealing with finance and sales. Those who
worked in securities and commodities earned as much as 90 percent more
than those with a bachelor’s degree alone.

Expected Salary

Salaries in business across all occupations range from the lowest 10 percent who make around $37,000 per year to the top tier earners who make around $118,000 per year. The amount of experience, certifications and the title of the job held can affect your overall salary.

Individuals across all business professions can still earn a
significant salary with a bachelor’s, though to achieve top salaries a
master’s degree is usually required. Consider some of the business
occupations where master’s degrees earned premiums over undergraduate

Bachelor’s vs. Master’s Comparison

State Average Salary with a Bachelor’s Average Salary with a Master’s
Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Agents $90,000 $170,000
Logisticians $54,000 $82,000
Financial Managers $78,000 $110,000
Market Research Analysts $65,000 $90,000
Marketing Managers $80,000 $110,000
Distribution Managers $62,000 $90,000

Career Opportunities

Professionals who achieve a master’s of business administration in international business have a wealth of job opportunities to choose from. While most hold positions of upper-level management within global companies, others may find employment with government agencies and financial institutions.

International Marketing Director International marketing directors work with upper-level management to advertise, promote and plan programs that generate interest to products and services. They also work together with art directors, sales agents and financial departments. $129,380 10%
Financial Controller Manage the financial exchange of money across countries. They also produce reports, direct investment opportunities and develop strategies for the long-term financial health of a corporation. $125,080 19%
Multinational Manager Individuals in multinational manager positions help devise strategies and policies for companies in different countries. These managers ensure that all companies meet their goals and can plan, direct and coordinate operational activities. $104,700 8%
Business Development Manager These professionals are in charge of training and developing the managers within a company. They also plan and direct programs that enhance the knowledge and skills of a company’s employees. $108,230 10%
International Trade and Customs Manager Head of customs managers make sure products pass through customs when shipping products internationally. They also track shipments and pay the duties and fees involved in shipping products overseas. $115,760 8%
International Foreign Policy Advisor Foreign policy advisors study the origin, development and operation of foreign policies. They also research political ideals and analyze governments where the businesses are located and advise management on how to handle issues. $115,110 3%

Professional Organizations

Joining a professional organization provides members with a
competitive advantage over other graduates in the same industry. These
organizations keep their members up-to-date on the latest industry
trends, including technology, legislative rulings and provides
connections with important leaders in the business world. Consider the
following professional organizations for those who hold an MBA.

International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE).
The IABE is a leading global organization of academic scholars,
students, business executives and policymakers within the international
world of business. The academy promotes the exchange of company ideas,
leadership methods, research, teaching and managerial practices among
its members.

Academy of International Business (AIB).
Considered the leading association of scholars and specialists in
international business, the AIB has over 3,000 members spanning 93
countries across the world. By becoming a member, MBA graduates have
access to print publications, attendance to the annual AIB conference
and access to the online AIB membership directory.

International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD).
The IABD promotes the acceptance of all cultures, ethnicities, values
and beliefs within the business organization. The group provides
educational opportunities in international business and holds an annual
conference, where members of the business community can come together to
discuss ideas, network and share knowledge of the business world.

Financing Your Online Master’s of Business Administration in International Business

Online degrees often cost a fraction of on-campus
degree programs, especially individuals who choose a college that is in
another state. With online classes, in-state and out-of-state tuitions
are usually the same. Despite the lowered costs, most students still
look to financial aid to help pay for the costs of classes. The first
place to begin your search is with the free Federal Application to
Federal Student Aid. This gives you information on any grants, loans and
scholarships that are available through the federal government. Many
organizations offer scholarship programs to those looking for a master’s
in business administration in international business degree. Consider
the following programs that help pay for your classes.





Celia M. Howard Fellowship

Award: $2000

Deadline: November 15

Eligibility: Available to mature Illinois women who are pursuing advanced degrees in international business, diplomacy, international management, law and justice. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0.

ARRL Foundation Scholarship

Award: $1,000

Deadline: January 31

Eligibility: Applicants must pursue a master’s in international business, trade, relations, marketing, affairs or another closely related global study. The individual must also have an active technician class license or higher, demonstrate financial need, possess academic merit and submit a personal statement.

Mary Kathleen Berry Study Abroad Scholarship

Award: $7,500

Deadline: April 15 and October 15

Eligibility: Qualified students must demonstrate financial need, carry a minimum GPA of 3.0, be a U.S. citizen and are currently working towards the completion of a Georgia State University degree in international business or global media.